Apr 032012

From Beijing, we took a short 1.5 hr flight to Seoul and then had a monster 8 hour layover.  We landed around midnight.  The Incheon Airport: we could not have asked for a better airport to have an 8 hour layover.  They have a separate “Rest & Relax” lounge with long lounge chairs and plenty of cushioned benches for you to sleep on.  Free showers and Internet.  So we cozied up on some lounge chairs and slept in the airport.  Wasn’t too bad—huge step up from those sleeper trains!

Flight from Seoul to Kathmandu was 7 hours, but it flew by since we had a good movie selection on the screens in front of our seats.  Nepal is 3 hours and 15 minutes off from Seoul, funny that there’s an additional 15 minutes difference.  I looked it up and the reason they do this is to optimize the time of day with how high the sun is in the sky.

We arrived and it was 75 degrees!  Hallelujah!  We then checked in at Bodhi Inn, booked by a friend of a friend.  Turns out though that Bodhi Inn hadn’t opened for business yet, so when we got there it was still under construction and we were the only hotel guests.  Oops.  Super dusty and cracks in the windows.  The sheets were dusty so we slept in our sleep sacks, but my face was still exposed to those mosquitoes that love me so much.  5 on the forehead!!! ACK.  I mean, anywhere is better than the face.  Plus 1 on my left arm.  I’m going to get killed, I know it.


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