Apr 012012

After trying the down home version of Peking Duck at Old Beijing Restaurant two nights ago, we had to compare it to the much hyped Da Dong, supposedly the best Peking Duck in the city.  Seems like the contenders for best Peking Duck are Da Dong and Duck de Chine from what we read.  Both are fine dining, and Duck de Chine is more Chinese-French fusion, so we opted to go for Da Dong.

It was really nice and fancy inside, definitely our nicest (and most expensive) meal to date.  Although considering the prices, it probably is along the lines of a moderate dinner in New York.

We ordered the Peking Duck of course, and they even charge you 8 RMB a person for the condiments on the side (plum sauce, scallions, wrappers, etc) but it comes in a fancy dish and they add other non-classic things like seaweed, radish, and garlic paste (which was amazing).

Beijing Dadong Condiments

Clockwise from top right: sugar crystals, plum sauce, scallions, pickled radish, seaweed, cucumber, radish, garlic paste

The duck came out and we had it carved tableside (they do this so you can see you’re getting the whole duck and everything it accounted for).  Even the carving is a system where they carve it so it comes out two nice oval shaped piles of duck and one plate for the drumsticks.

Beijing Da Dong Peking duck carving

Skillful Carving

So, the verdict? AMAZING.  The skin is so crispy and definitely ate many pieces of duck skin just by itself. =)  They have some sugar you can dip the skin in which is nice, but I preferred it on its own.  We ate the whole duck no problem—the portion size was definitely smaller than what we had two nights ago.  The duck was 235 RMB (plus 8 RMB/person for condiments) versus 118 RMB a duck two nights ago.  So, double the price.  Worth it!

Beijing Da Dong Peking Duck

Delicious Crispy Skin...and Duck

We also tried the well known braised eggplant dish which was very nice and for dessert we finished off with candied apples which were just the perfect amount of crispy and melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  Mike claims he could’ve eaten the whole dish of candied apples by himself.  Sugar monster.

Beijing Da Dong Candied Apple

Like Apple Pie Lollipop Goodness

A splurge, but was nice since we’ve heard Nepal doesn’t have great food, and we’ll probably be eating cheap for the next three weeks.





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