Mar 262012

Tonight we board a sleeper train from Xian to Pingyao.  The ride is supposed to take around 8 hours.  We got the soft sleeper beds.  There are hard sleeper beds which are stacked three high, but the soft sleepers are supposed to be only two high.  We’ll find out!  We both have bottom bunks.

Alex from Germany said he took the hard sleeper to Xian and it was pretty uncomfortable.  He also didn’t know that when they take your ticket, they know to wake you up for your stop, so he spent the whole time worrying about which stop was his!  Good to know for our ride.

Will post an update about the ride when we get to Pingyao!



The overnight train was an experience!  Glad we tried it once, but it’s probably not something we’d do again soon.  Like taking the red eye.  You think you’re saving time/money, but in reality, you don’t get good rest and then arrive exhausted at your destination.

So…we didn’t have soft sleepers after all!  They only had hard sleepers on the train.  At least we had the bottom though.  The beds were indeed stacked 3 on top of each other.  Boy, did we have the ultimate snorer with sleep apnea on top of us!  Was difficult to go to sleep.  No curtains or privacy or anything.  Speaking of privacy, there have definitely been restrooms I’ve seen that have no doors at all, just a bunch of squat toilets out in the open. =)

We got to Pingyao around 7:15am and fortunately had already arranged for our hostel to come pick us up.  We booked our train ticket to Beijing yesterday and this time we’re taking the day train!

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