Mar 252012

Mike and I were still really full when it came around to dinner time.  We walked over to the Muslim Quarter, where we’ve pretty much have had every meal. (It’s close to our hostel and the food is good and cheap!)  Mike had been eyeing a street vendor selling fried dough filled with meat and vegetables.  It’s always surrounded by tons of people.  We got one with meat and yellow chives and one with meat and spicy pickled cabbage.  The filling gets pressed between the two dough circles and dropped on to the large fryer.

Xian Fried Pancake

Delicious Fried Pancake

So yummy!

We also got an unidentified skewer on the street.  It looked like sausage in a spiral pattern.  After we ate it, we still couldn’t tell what it was, but today we found out it’s made of some sort of bean (maybe like tofu?) and then pressed into that shape.  Whatever it was, it was tasty and spicy with Sichuan peppercorns!

Xian Street Skewers

Spiral Skewers

Other street food we tried in Xian: a skewer of fried quail eggs and there are pineapple vendors everywhere selling pineapple quarters carved into designs.

Xian Fried Quail Eggs

Fried Quail Eggs




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