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We arrived in Xian late in the afternoon and after settling into our hostel, we walked across the street to the Muslim Quarter to grab some dinner.  Xian was the capital of China for 6 dynasties and the Muslim Quarter here has been around since the 7th century, but really established during the Ming Dynasty.

It’s a cute couple of blocks with packed restaurants and street food vendors selling kebabs, sweet sticky rice, fried dough filled with meat and vegetables.

My mom recommended we try hand pulled noodles while in Xian since Lanzhou, which is known for their hand pulled noodles is so close by.  We went to Hui Wen Ren Jia (Hui Wen Ren means Muslim) on the main drag.  If you order off of the menu it can get a little pricier, but if you order off of the “snack” menu that they cook outside, it’s much cheaper.

Xian Hui Wen Ren Jia

Cooks Outside Hui Wen Ren Jia

We ordered beef hand pulled noodles and they were delicious!  Just a hint of that numbing Sichuan peppercorn and cilantro.  Only 10 RMB (a little over $1).

Xian Hand Pulled Noodles

Hand Pulled Beef Noodle Soup

We also ordered a delicious vegetable dish with charred green beans and eggplants with three different kinds of peppers.  This was the first restaurant we finished everything we ordered (we always order too much).  There were also soup dumplings consumed, but those didn’t compare to the ones we had in Shanghai.

Xian Eggplant and Green Bean Dish

Three Different Kinds of Peppers!

All in all, highly recommended!


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