Mar 242012

The most famous dish of Xian can be found throughout the Muslim Quarter, so we went back again tonight.  It’s called Pao Mo, and you can get it with beef or lamb.  It’s similar to beef noodle soup, but they use clear noodles instead and the bulk of the starch is actually made up of flat bread torn into miniature cubes.

We went to Lao Sun Jia, which was a couple of locations in Xian, and is the most famous spot.  We had noticed it the night before as it was packed and the huge fire stoves outside were going strong.

Lao Sun Jia Cooks

Cooks Outside Lao Sun Jia

Mike and I got one lamb and one beef pao mo.  So good!  The cubes were dense and almost like chewy noodles but heavier.  I was so hungry and it was so good I finished my entire bowl which probably wasn’t a good idea.  Definitely food coma afterwards.  It came with a small dish of pickled sweet garlic which was also delicious.

Xian Lao Sun Jia

Pao Mo from Lao Sun Jia

Highly recommended.

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