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The weather varies so much on Huangshan and it’s really hard to predict.  Many times the entire mountain will be shrouded in clouds that you can’t see a thing.  This was most of our Day 1.  We would huff and puff to the tops of all these peaks and then get rewarded a blank gray-white sky.  Perfect weather on Huangshan means there are still clouds, but clear enough in some patches to see the mountains peeking through. Too much sun means no clouds, which is a lot of the beauty.  We got the whole range during our stay.  Complete white-out on Day 1, almost perfect weather on Day 2, and then bright sun, no clouds on Day 3.

Luckily on Day 1 when we got to the top, we were instantly rewarded with an amazing view right off of the cable car.

Huangshan Mist

Huangshan Mist

Huangshan Now I Believe Viewpoint

Not bad, huh?  It only looked like that for 30 minutes on Day 1.  Most of the time, we saw a lot of gray and white outlines, which still is beautiful in its own way.

Day 2, we were extremely lucky and got this:

Huangshan White Cloud Creed

White Cloud Creek

Amazed by the perfect weather

White Cloud Creek Gorge

Perfection!  It really was breathtaking.  We chatted with some professional photographers at the scenic point above called White Cloud Creek and they gave me some great pointers on how best to shoot on the mountain.

We woke up at 5am to catch the much-anticipated sunrise both mornings.  First morning we didn’t see a thing and the second morning we were rewarded with an amazing sight!  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Huangshan Sunrise

Blessed by the Sunrise

Day 3 was all sun, which was better than all clouds, but you’ll see that the clouds make for a much more magical sight.  We had climbed Purple Cloud Peak three times: Day 1 – all white, Day 2 for sunset – nada again, and Day 3 – success!

Huangshan Purple Cloud Peak

Purple Cloud Peak - Third Time's a Charm!

Legs shot, we rode the cable car back down and hopped on a flight back to Shanghai to get to Xian the next day.

Huangshan Waterfall

Last view from the cable car down





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