Mar 182012

Today we took the long distance bus from Hangzhou to Tangkou, which is the small town at the base of Huangshan (or Yellow Mountain). It went pretty smoothly. The hostel we were staying at in Hangzhou was extremely helpful (spoke great English) and bought us bus tickets which were 105 RMB each with a 10 RMB service charge. Definitely recommend Hofang Hostel in Hangzhou.
The bus ride took about 3.5 hours and was overall nice and scenic. We did pick up and drop off people along the way and we wondered if these were “side passengers” that the bus operator arranged to take advantage of empty seats.
Our hotel in Tangkou was a good deal and really clean and modern! Ala Hotel–a nice surprise. We’ll store our bags here for the two nights we’re going to stay up on the mountain and just carry day packs up. They had a guide explain everything during a dinner orientation of sorts tonight which was very helpful. Food is going to be really expensive up on the mountain, he warned us, so we just stocked up on dry ramen to haul up with us! Don’t judge. 🙂
We may not have Internet for the next few days, so I’ll post more when I get access!

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