Mar 182012

Louwailou was on our list to try in Hanzhou.  It’s probably the most mentioned restaurant in the guidebooks, which is either good or bad.  We did pass by during the afternoon one day and it was packed, so we thought that a good sign.  Getting into the cab to get there was interesting though. When I told the cab driver where we were going, he pretty much said the restaurant was bad and that I was tasteless for going there.  Okay…well, we’ll find out.

We ordered the fresh-water shrimp, dongpu pork, fresh bamboo shoots, and longjin tea.  Meal was good, but probably not our best.  Pricey too, but we knew that going in.  It’s hard to judge the meals here with two people since most meals are meant to be eaten with several people so you can order lots of different types of dishes.

Dongu Pork at Louwailou

Yes, that is a layer of pork fat on top

Verdict: Glad we tried it, but we had better priced good food at Wang Ru Xin the night before on Hefang St.


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