Mar 182012

Our last full day in Hangzhou, we spent on the south side of West Lake.  Every morning here, we wake up and get breakfast at 85 Degrees bakery—they have them everywhere (without the long lines that exist in LA).  We get a few breads for the day and Mike loves his daily morning milk tea. It helps warm you up since it’s a bit chilly here.

We headed to Lifeng Pagoda, which was originally built around 920 AD, but restored in 2002. It’s strange because the outside resembles an old-style façade, but inside it’s state of the art modern, with glass elevators and everything.  The main attraction here is the view you get from the top of the pagoda. But since it was more shades of gray today, we didn’t see much.  Pushy tour groups here, but the elaborate wood carvings that depict the legend of Lady Whitesnake (Bai Suzhen) are the highlight.

Lifeng Pagoda Wood Carving

Afterwards, we went to Su Causeway and took the boat to the island in the middle, which is called Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. It’s called that because there are 3 large ponds within the island and on a moonlight night, the view is supposed to be amazing.  It was a nice stroll, and honestly a nice break from all the walking we’ve been doing every day.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

We got some blue corn from a stand since it looked interesting.  It tastes heavier than yellow corn and stickier, almost like sticky rice!

I got some corn skills



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