Mar 162012

Today we visited Feilai Feng which translates to Peak Flying from Afar.  It’s this whole complex a couple minutes bus ride from the lake.  The coolest thing about Feilai Feng are the Buddhist sculptures that are carved into the side of the mountain.  There are over 340 sculptures that line the mountains and caves that date back to the Song and Yuan dynasties (from 960 AD).

Feilaifeng Carvings

Feilaifeng Buddhist Sculptures

Feilaifeng Carvings

Buddhas Carved into Mountain


Lingyin temple is a working Buddhist monastery and huge temple complex.  We were really lucky and got to see a Buddhist ceremony while we were there.  About 60+ monks came into the temple to chant and it was such a beautiful sound.


Lingyin Temple Buddhist Monks

Buddhist Ceremony at Lingyin Temple

Buddha in Lingyin Temple




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  1. Although, not a Buddhist supported sentiment, but I am so envious of this! Looks gorgeous, and I can only imagine what the ceremony sounded like. Miss you both! Love keeping up with you on the blog.

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