Mar 142012

There are so many snack shops in Shanghai, yesterday we finally decided to buy a couple we’d never seen before to try them.  On Nanjing Rd, which is a big pedestrian shopping street, Shanghai No. 1 Food Store is the largest and has every possible Chinese snack you could ever imagine.

shanghai no1food snacks

Beautiful Chinese treats

We also saw big lines outside one store called Shen Da Cheng and of course, that’s always the sign that you should wait in line too.  I had no idea what the snack was, some large green oval thing?  I asked someone in line and understood the words, but not when combined together.  So, I guess you just get in the line and point and find out!

Unidentified green snack

We got two and turns out they are sticky rice balls, similar to mochi but heavier and stickier, filled with red bean paste.  Still warm.  So good!  No wonder people were waiting. 2.50 RMB each, or less than 50 cents!

Red Bean Filled Sticky Rice Ball



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