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We headed down to Old City, south of the Bund for lunch.  Well, I guess it was brunch?  Since we got up so early, we made it to Nanxiang Steamed Buns by 11am!  We were thinking we would avoid the lunch rush, but don’t worry, there were plenty of people in line already.  Yep, we Chinese love our food.  Food and taking photos. 😉


Line for Nanxiang Soup Dumplings

The line outside is for the takeout window where you get the famous small Shanghai soup dumplings, or xiao long bao.  Luckily, we saw a sign that pointed to their sit down restaurant so we headed upstairs to eat inside.  I’m sure it was more expensive inside, but it was way too cold to stand in line and eat in the crowds outside!

We sat down right away inside, and ordered: meat soup dumplings, crab/pork soup dumplings, and crab roe large soup dumpling.  The large soup dumpling you don’t see much in the US, and it comes with a straw for you to drink the soup first.  Delicious!

Huge Soup Dumpling with Straw

Between the meat and crab/pork soup dumplings, we both liked the crab/pork ones better.  Much better than Joe’s Shanghai in NY.  As my brother says, none of that meat sludge here!  Lunch for two: 168 RMB, or about $27.  On the pricier side as it’s a tourist attraction (our dinner the night before was only $17 total).

Nanxiang Soup Dumplings

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